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Headgear for the Nuance and Nuance Pro

By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: 1105176, 1105178
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Nuance Headgear and Nuance Pro Headgear


The Respironics Nuance Headgear and Nuance Pro Headgear are both high quality replacement parts which will supply patients with a customized fit and a comfortable overall experience. Both of these items are elegantly designed and have an attractive, pleasing exterior. With proper care and maintenance both of these items will last a substantial period of time.

Nuance Headgear

The headgear for the (fabric frame) Nuance nasal pillow mask has a single Velcro tab which is exceptionally easy to adjust so patients can attain a personalized fit without hassle. The Respironics Nuance headgear has gray and blue coloring and is composed of durable, high quality material. The Respironics Nuance headgear will maximize the quality of your seal and also add considerable comfort to your therapy experience.

Nuance Pro Headgear

The headgear for the Nuance Pro has a total of three Velcro tabs which can likewise be adjusted to achieve an individualized fit. The three Velcro tabs will provide patients with an extra layer of stability and will ensure that your seal is maintained throughout the entire course of therapy. The Nuance Pro headgear has gray and yellow coloring and is easy to clean and maintain.


The Nuance headgear is compatible with all Nuance nasal pillow CPAP masks; the Nuance Pro headgear is compatible with all Nuance Pro nasal pillow CPAP masks. The Nuance headgear and Nuance Pro headgear are not interchangeable, so the Nuance will not work with Nuance Pro masks and the Nuance Pro will not work with Nuance masks.


  • The Nuance Pro headgear is compatible with all Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks
  • The Nuance headgear works with all Nuance Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks
  • Does not include mask frame, short tube, nasal pillows or other parts
  • Should be replaced roughly every 6 months
  • Nuance Pro headgear is gray and yellow
  • Nuance headgear is gray and blue
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple to adjust


Nuance and Nuance Pro by Philips Respironics: The Option for Improved Sleep




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