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Respironics Dark Blue Mesh SoftCap

Respironics Dark Blue Mesh SoftCap

302465, 1002065, 1002064, 302466

Price: $28.50
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The Dark Blue Mesh Soft Cap by Philips Respironics functions as an alternative to standard headgear and will create a stable and comfortable fit for patients.

Dark Blue Mesh Soft Cap

Alternative to Standard Headgear

The Dark Blue Mesh Soft Cap manufactured by Philips Respironics is a high quality accessory which operates as a convenient alternative to traditional headgear. This soft cap is made of top notch mesh material and is extremely soft and comfortable. The mesh soft cap fits easily over your head and will produce a stable fit without hassle; the cap has a clip which also enables quick removal. The cap includes a series of straps which can be adjusted so patients can attain an individualized fit. The mesh soft cap allows heat to escape and will contribute to your overall therapy quality.

Sizing and Compatibility

The dark blue mesh cap is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of different patients - it comes in child sized, medium, large and extra large. What's more, this device is extremely versatile and is compatible with nearly all nasal and full face masks.


  • Available in child sized, medium, large, and extra large
  • Compatible with nearly all nasal and full face masks
  • Convenient alternative to traditional headgear
  • Single clip design allows fast and easy removal
  • Made of high quality mesh material
  • Creates secure and comfortable fit
  • Pleasing dark blue color
  • Enables heat to escape

Addressing Discomfort with Full Face Masks

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