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ResMed Pixi Pediatric CPAP Mask Headgear

ResMed Pixi Pediatric CPAP Mask Headgear


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This pediatric headgear is a replacement set for the Pixi line by ResMed. This headgear is for kids and features multiple adjustment points and quick release.

Pediatric Headgear with Quick Release

Headgear for Pixi Mask from ResMed

This pediatric headgear was produced by ResMed for the Pixi Nasal mask. Since it was designed for kids, the headgear has an open field of vision, freeing up the child's face and eyes to increase compliance. There are three adjustment points located on the headgear, as well as a quick release and emergency release latch. This makes it easy for a child to slip out of their mask when need be.

Quick Release

Since this is a child's headgear, there is a quick release latch located on the mask. This allows the patient to easily and independently slide the mask off. Additionally, there is an emergency latch that will also release the mask.

Three Adjustment Points

There are three different points of adjustment located throughout the headgear, allowing very specific changes to be made to find an optimal fit for your child. There are adjusters found at the top of the headgear, on the bottom and on the side.

Face Free

The ResMed Pixi headgear was designed for children, and was designed to keep the face and eyes cleared of irritating fabric. This allows children to comfortably wear their headgear without feeling the need to make adjustments to their face while maintaining a clear field of vision.


  • Quick Release
  • Three Points of Adjustments
  • Face Free Headgear


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