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Swift LT Nasal Pillow Frame System with Dual-wall Pillow Sleeve - No Headgear

Swift LT Nasal Pillow Frame System with Dual-wall Pillow Sleeve - No Headgear

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ResMed Swift LT Nasal Pillow Frame System

Revolutionary Nasal Pillow Technology for Mask

The ResMed Swift LT Nasal Pillow Frame System comes featuring improved pillow technology as it is redesigned from the Mirage Swift series. This mask forms a better seal to prevent leaks, and is considerably quieter than the previous Mirage Swift II. It is also lightweight, and folds up easily for travel. There is also a feminine version of this mask with different sizes for her.


The ResMed Swift LT mask is one of the lightest on the market. It weighs in at 2.3 ounces, making it very portable. It possesses a small footprint covering up a very small part of the face. Users are even able to watch TV or read as they apply the mask shortly before falling asleep. Face pressure is almost nonexistent as the mask rests gently beneath the nose. The mask feels light on the face, also because there is no forehead pad on this design.

Whisper Quiet

As one of the quietest devices on the market, the Swift LT mask possesses an air vent on the frame, dispersing air gently downward and away, as a means to mimic natural breathing. This mask is even 71% quieter than the Mirage Swift II.

Improved Pillows

This mask comes with differentiating pillow sizes, all of which are interchangeable with the mask frame. The design of the pillows have been improved, now coming with a dual-wall design promoting comfort and security. There is also an added flexible pillow base which allows a greater range of movement without sacrificing the integrity of the seal.

Easy to Clean

The nasal pillows system and headgear should be cleaned by hand washing. One benefit is that there are not many parts that need to be cleaned. It is important not to use aromatic-based solutions, bleach, alcohol, or anything that could leave residual vapors in the mask. Any applicable headgear does not need to be disassembled for cleaning.


  • Lightweight
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Improved Pillows
  • Easy to Clean


Getting Up with Your Mask




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