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Quattro FX for Her CPAP Full Face Mask Frame System without Headgear

Quattro FX for Her CPAP Full Face Mask Frame System without Headgear

62513, 62514

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Quattro FX for Her Full Face Mask Frame System without Headgear The Quattro FX for Her full face mask provides the coverage and stability of a traditional full face mask with a clear field of vision so she can focus on what matters"sleeping comfortably through the night

Quattro Full Face Mask for Female Patients

ResMed Face Mask is Slim, Stylish, and Pink

Are you a female with sleep apnea disorder? Then you've visited the correct webpage. This face mask was made with YOU in mind. A lot of masks out there are big and ugly and heavy. They may or may not fit, and there's a chance they weren't designed with you in mind. But that has changed, because this is the mask for you. Engineered to meet the needs of female CPAP users, this face mask is simple and compact. Totally sealed, soft and comfortable, it features cushions to maximize comfort, and it looks pretty darn cute. If you've been looking for a great mask to meet your needs as a female patient, then look no further.

Simple Design

The Quattro FX for Her face mask benefits from having a simple, lightweight design. A lot of times, masks can be big and bulky and interfere with a patients sleep, and can take away from your sleep therapy. This is especially true for females, since the market for CPAP accessories is slightly geared more towards men. But this mask has been specifically made for the female CPAP user! Colored pink, it is a rather stylish mask, and one that is a little bit smaller, a little more compact. The fact that this mask isn't bulky and ugly means that a patient is more likely to use it, and use it long term.

Spring Air Cushion

While this mask is small and cute and pink, it still needs to be comfortable. ResMed has utilized Spring Air technology to ensure a soft, comfortable fit. As you have seen, this is a small mask. Sometimes masks come equipped with forehead cushions, and sometimes the connection for the tubing interferes with sleep. Spring Air technology erases the need for these types of things. With a dual-wall cushion, pressure points are spread out evenly along the perimeter of the mask. The Spring Air cushions also help make sure that your mask is totally sealed off, ensuring no leakages throughout the night. This all serves to support the continuous positive airway pressure your need at night.

Strong Fit

So, now we know that this mask is totally cute, very comfortable, but how does it fit? With a custom made sizing tool, it fits pretty great. The sizing process is actually quite simple, and should allow for patients to easily slip the mask on and off. Plus, with the use of Swing Seal technology, it should naturally gel with your face. The lack of excessive straps will also reduce redness and irritation on your face, allowing you to wake up fresh as a daisy.

Made for Her

As we said earlier, the market for sleep apnea tools and accessories tends to lean more towards males. It is important that female patients get equal access to equipment and support with their sleep therapy needs. Around 40% of newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients are female, and after menopause the risk for females to encounter sleep apnea is equal to males. Additionally, if you are a female, watch out for insomnia and morning headaches, because these are big indicators of sleep apnea. It is important to understand the risks of this condition and get the proper tools necessary to help fix it.


  • Compact Mask
  • Styled For Her
  • Spring Air Cushion
  • Custom Sizing Tool
  • Swing Seal Technique
  • Quiet Exhalation


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SKU: 858
  Model62513, 62514
  HCPCS CodeA7030
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