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Mirage Activa LT Mask Frame Only

Mirage Activa LT Mask Frame Only

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Mirage Activa LT Frame

Top Notch Frame

The Mirage Activa LT Mask Frame by ResMed is a slickly constructed item which will make a great replacement or back-up part. This item consists of the mask frame only for the Mirage Activa LT - it does not include headgear, forehead pad, cushion or other parts. The Mirage Activa LT frame is made of top quality material - specifically polycarbonate plastic - and will last a very substantial period of time with proper care and maintenance. When combined with a cushion, this frame utilizes ActiveCell technology to create a desirable fit and an effective seal.

ActiveCell Technology

ActiveCell technology is perhaps the most significant feature of the Mirage Activa LT mask. ActiveCell enables the cushion to react independently of the mask frame; as a consequence, the cushion is able to more effectively adjust to pressure changes and protect your seal. With ActiveCell, patients can receive a high quality seal without having to overtighten their headgear.


  • Frame only - does not include headgear, forehead pad or other parts
  • Prevents undesirable marks and blotches
  • Creates effective and reliable seal
  • Available in standard and small
  • Made of polycarbonate plastic
  • Provides comfortable fit
  • Ideal replacement item
  • ActiveCell technology


Attaining an Effective Seal for the Mirage Activa LT




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