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AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask Assembly Kit

63230, 63231, 63232

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AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Assembly Kit

High Quality Mask Assembly Kit

The Assembly Kit for the AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask is intended for patients who want everything except the headgear normally associated with the N10. The AirFit N10 Assembly Kit is sure to satisfy even the most difficult to please patient: well constructed, smartly built and stocked with impressive features, the AirFit N10 will deliver top quality therapy without error on a constant basis.

Dual Wall Cushion

Perhaps the most alluring piece of the AirFit N10 CPAP Nasal Mask Assembly Kit is the dual walled cushion. Soft and flexible, the N10 cushion provides an extremely high level of comfort and contributes to pleasant therapy experience. The outer portion of the cushion is designed to protect the seal, while the outer portion is intended to produce stability.

Magnetic Headgear Clips

The AirFit N10 CPAP Mask kit includes special magnetic headgear clips which allow the headgear to be quickly and easily detached or connected from the mask frame. This feature enhances convenience since it eliminates the need to repeatedly adjust the headgear once it's fitted.

Smart Design

On the whole, the AirFit N10 nasal mask is a very well designed, intelligently constructed device with lots of advanced features. The AirFit N10 is equipped with special "hovering" upper arms which sit above the cheeks in certain sleeping positions; this lowers direct contact with the mask and therefore prevents pressure marks. The N10 is also equipped with circular exhalation ports which reduce noise and channel air away from you and your bed partner; this ensures that you won't be distracted or disturbed during slumber. Furthermore, the N10 comes with short tubes which reduce tug on the mask.


  • Available in small (product no. 63231), standard (product no. 63230) and wide (product no. 63232)
  • Circular exhalation ports reduce noise
  • Short tube reduces tug on the mask
  • Magnetic headgear clips
  • Hovering upper arms
  • Dual wall cushion

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