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Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask Frame System with Cushion, No Headgear

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 60620, 60621, 60622, 60623, 60624, 60625
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Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask Frame System with Cushion

Expertly Engineered Full Face Mask

The Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask Frame System with Standard Cushion by ResMed is a very well-constructed device which includes a host of impressive features geared toward creating a great experience for patients. The Ultra Mirage full face mask contains improved air vents, a flexible forehead pad, convenient headgear clips and other perks too. The Ultra Mirage will provide a stable, comfortable fit and exceptional results for users.

Headgear Clips

The headgear for the Ultra Mirage comes with special clips which allow patients to both apply and remove the headgear from the mask frame instantly and easily. The headgear itself is exceptionally well made - it comes with Velcro straps and is designed to place minimal pressure on your face. The headgear will help secure your cushion, thereby creating a more effective seal and, as a consequence, superior therapy.

Flexible Forehead Pad

The forehead support for the Ultra Mirage full face mask is flexible and will therefore naturally adapt to the contours of your forehead to a large degree. The forehead pad also includes four adjustable positions so you'll be able to create an ideal fit without hassle.

Air Vents

The Ultra Mirage full face mask is equipped with new and improved air vents which fulfill several functions: the vents release carbon dioxide effectively, they reduce noise and consequently promote quiet therapy, and they disperse airflow better and create an improved experience as a result.


  • Superior air vents release carbon dioxide effectively and promote excellent therapy
  • Top and bottom headgear clips permit easy application and removal
  • Forehead pad has four adjustable positions
  • Breathe-O-Prene headgear with Velcro
  • Soft and adaptable silicone cushion
  • Flexible forehead support and pad
  • Prevents facial pressure sores
  • Latex free


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