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Forehead Pad, Silicone, for ComfortGel Full Face Mask

Forehead Pad, Silicone, for ComfortGel Full Face Mask


Price: Discontinued

ComfortGel Full Face Mask Silicone Pillow Forehead Pad for better seal and greater comfort.

The ComfortGel Full Face Mask The ComfortGel Full mask -- our first full-face gel mask with a replaceable cushion -- reflects a commitment to innovative, practical product development that's been a Respironics hallmark for more than 30 years. Our popular blue gel and sure seal technology (SST) will make it a patient favourite. Homecare providers also will appreciate its all-new design and our new approach to Cushion resupply. We're confident you'll think the ComfortGel Full mask is in a class of its own. Integrated retaining ring tabs provide easy ergonomic removal. Replaceable silicone flap with integrated retaining ring uses sure seal technology (SST) designed to enhance seal. New replaceable gel cushion enhances comfort and provides a robust seal. New forehead cushion provides enhanced patient comfort and easy adjustment. Enhanced StabilitySelector allows for easier movement and adjustment. Premium headgear provides enhanced patient comfort and mask stability. Oxygen pick-off port allows for pressure measurement or oxygen bleed-in.

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