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Forehead Pad for Transcend CPAPs

Forehead Pad for Transcend CPAPs


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Forehead Pad for Transcend CPAP Therapy System

High Quality Replacement Pad

The Forehead Pad for the Transcend CPAP Therapy System manufactured by Somnetics is a top-of-the-line replacement item designed to add stability and comfort for patients. This replacement forehead pad is very soft and will rest gently against your face. The forehead pad attaches quickly and easily to the forehead piece on your mask and, once attached, will contribute to keeping your mask firmly in place. In short, this forehead pad will allow greater freedom of movement and promote better overall therapy effectiveness.


In order to maximize both the lifespan and performance of the replacement forehead pad it is recommended that you clean the pad on a regular basis. To clean, wash the pad with warm water and a non-abrasive soap; be sure to thoroughly air dry the pad before reattaching it to your forehead piece.


  • Compatible with Transcend and Transcend II 'Wearable' CPAP Machines
  • Should be cleaned regularly using warm water and dishwashing soap
  • Attaches easily to the forehead piece
  • Provides additional comfort
  • Replacement item
  • Soft cushion

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