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Forehead Piece for Transcend CPAP Therapy System
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Forehead Piece for Transcend CPAP Therapy System

By Transcend/Somnetics  |  Item No.: 503037
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Forehead Piece for Transcend CPAP System

Top Notch Forehead Pad Accessory

The Forehead Piece for the Transcend CPAP Therapy System manufactured by Somnetics is a handy and useful accessory. The forehead piece attaches easily to your forehead pad and helps keep the pad firmly in place; this in turn generates a greater level of stability to your entire headgear and mask system. This forehead piece is a durable, high quality accessory and should have a long lifespan provided it is well used and properly managed.


  • Works with Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP machine, Transcend Travel CPAP machine, Transcend EZEX Travel CPAP machine and Transcend Auto Travel CPAP machine with EZEX
  • For use with H6B and H9M headgear for the Transcend therapy system
  • Holds forehead pad securely in place
  • Does not include forehead pad
  • High quality accessory
  • Easy to attach

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