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Elbow Clips for Mirage Masks 10/pack

Elbow Clips for Mirage Masks 10/pack


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Ultra Mirage Elbow Clips

High Quality Elbow Retainer Clips

The Elbow Clips for the Ultra Mirage Nasal Mask by ResMed are exceptionally well-constructed replacement parts which fulfill a vital role in the context of your mask system. These clips - also referred to as elbow retainer clips - are designed to secure the elbow to the mask frame. These parts are remarkably easy to install and remove; each package contains ten clips. No other parts or equipment are included in the package.


These elbow retainer clips are compatible with the (original) Ultra Mirage nasal mask and the Ultra Mirage II nasal mask by ResMed. They will not work with other masks by ResMed or different manufacturers.


  • Works with the Ultra Mirage and the Ultra Mirage II Nasal Masks
  • Does not include any other parts or equipment
  • Essential piece of your mask system
  • Secures elbow to the mask frame
  • Quality replacement part
  • Easy installation

Eliminating CPAP Mask Leaks

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