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EasyLife CPAP Mask Cushion - Philips

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The Cushion for the EasyLife Nasal Mask by Philips features a dual-layered design, Auto Seal technology, and will provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Cushion Replacement for the EasyLife Nasal Mask


The Cushion for the EasyLife CPAP Nasal Mask by Philips is a top-notch replacement item that boasts an innovative configuration and utilizes special Auto Seal technology to generate fantastic therapy results. With this replacement cushion, patients will enjoy a comfortable fit and a leak-resistant seal without fail.

Dual Cushion Design

This cushion possesses a unique double-layered design. The inner cushion floats inside the frame and takes advantage of the Auto Seal technology and delivers a consistently secure seal; the outer cushion provides additional stability and rests gently against your face and forehead. Together, these two cushions combine to produce a top-quality experience and stellar results.

Compatibility and Sizing Data

This cushion replacement is available in a total of four different sizes - small, medium, medium wide and large. The small and medium-sized cushions will both work with a common-sized mask frame, and the medium-large and large-sized cushions will work with a common-sized mask frame. This cushion is designed to function with the EasyLife CPAP Nasal Mask by Philips; it will not work with other masks by Philips or separate manufacturers.

* This does not include a frame. Cushion only

Product Material List :

  • Inner Seal Cushion: Silicone
  • Outer Support Cushion: Silicone
  • Diaphragm Cushion: Silicone


  • Available in four different sizes - small, medium, medium wide, and large
  • Compatible with the EasyLife CPAP Nasal Mask by Philips Respironics
  • Will not place excessive pressure on your face
  • Auto Seal prevents over-tightening
  • Dual-layered cushion design
  • Excellent replacement item
  • Self-adjusting seal
  • Easy to fit


Making Adjustments to the EasyLife Nasal Mask




1050091, 1050092, 1050093, 1050094
A7034, A7035
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Question Does this mask include the back hard plastic piece that the hose connects to?
Hello, unfortunately this does not include the mask frame which you are referring to. This item includes the cushion only. We no longer carry the frame. This mask is discontinued so we are selling what we have left from parts.
Posted: 10/06/2021
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