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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC406 CPAP Mask Petite Seal & Cushion

Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC406 CPAP Mask Petite Seal & Cushion


$22.99 (Out of Stock)

The FlexiFit HC406 Petite Nasal Mask Seal and Cushion by F&P is a replacement kit which adjusts to work with a range of facial sizes and provides a quality fit.

FlexiFit Nasal Mask Seal and Cushion

Brief Overview

The FlexiFit HC406 Petite Nasal Mask Seal and Cushion by Fisher & Paykel is a slickly designed, high performance kit which will replace a damaged, lost or worn out cushion. This kit - which features a foam insert and silicone cushion - will generate a secure and comfortable fit capable of withstanding significant patient movement. With this replacement kit patients will not have to worry about leakage or unpleasant pinching against the face.

Auto-Contouring Fit

The FlexiFit petite mask seal and cushion is remarkably easy to insert and is able to work with a wide range of facial shapes and sizes. This replacement cushion has special auto-contouring capability which allows it to adjust naturally to fit your specific facial size and shape. What's more, this cushion also has a frosted texture which helps produce an optimal seal which is resistant and durable.


This replacement foam and silicone cushion package is compatible with the FlexiFit HC406 Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel; it will not work with other masks either by Fisher & Paykel or disparate manufacturers.


  • Adjusts naturally to fit your particular facial size and shape
  • Only compatible with the FlexiFit 406 Nasal Mask
  • FlexiFit technology - Auto-contouring fit
  • Includes foam cushion and silicone seal
  • Minimizes leakage and pinching
  • Frosted texture optimizes seal
  • Convenient replacement kit

A Look at the Mask Designs and Technologies of Fisher & Paykel


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