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Elan CPAP Mask Cushion - Circadence

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The Cushion for the SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask by Circadiance is a cloth-based cushion that inflates during use to create an effective, leak-resistant seal.

SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask Cushion


The Cloth Cushion for the SleepWeaver Elan CPAP Nasal Mask by Circadiance is a high-quality item that functions very well as either a replacement or backup part for your CPAP therapy system. This cloth-based cushion is exceptionally easy to fit and will yield stellar therapy outcomes on a consistent basis.

Inflatable Design

This cushion is designed to inflate during use in a balloon-like fashion and will generate a secure, leak-resistant seal. This cloth-based cushion will rest gently against your face while it's being worn and will not produce unsightly pressure marks or facial blemishes. With the SleepWeaver Elan replacement cushion, patients will be able to receive therapy that is both comfortable and effective.

Compatibility and Sizing Data

This replacement cushion comes in a total of three different sizes - small, medium, and large - so patients can better personalize their fit. What's more, this cushion is available in either blue or beige coloring for each of these different sizes. This cushion is compatible with the SleepWeaver Elan CPAP Nasal Mask by Circadiance and will not work with other masks. All sizes of this cushion work with a common-sized mask frame, so patients will not have to acquire a new mask if they switch cushion sizes.


  • Comes in small beige, small blue, regular beige, regular blue, large beige, and large blue
  • Inflates during use to create an effective seal
  • All sizes work with a common mask frame
  • Available in two colors - beige and blue
  • No uncomfortable pressure points
  • Extremely soft and lightweight
  • Excellent replacement item
  • Made of cloth material
  • Fits easily


An Introduction to the SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask by Circadiance




100742, 100743, 100653, 100654, 100663, 100664
Jimmy H
This is a fantastic idea of a mask for people such as myself. I would much rather use cloth material over a silicone kind as I have an allergic reaction and the gel still put a blemish on my face. It is affordable and doesn't cover up your face like those other mask. Good grief, my wife cried the last time she tried my cpap
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