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APEX Medical Wizard 210 CPAP Mask Cushion

APEX Medical Wizard 210 CPAP Mask Cushion

SM00001, SM00002, SM00003, ...

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The Cushion for the WiZARD 210 CPAP Nasal Mask by APEX Medical is a top replacement part which comes in three sizes and will create a secure and reliable seal.
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Cushion for the WiZARD 210 Nasal Mask

General Overview

The Cushion for the WiZARD 210 CPAP Nasal Mask by APEX Medical is an impressively designed and well-constructed piece of equipment which will integrate neatly into your WiZARD 210 nasal mask system. This replacement part is made of soft silicone and will press gently against your face while being worn. What's more, this cushion will conform to your specific facial contours and create a secure fit which is leak-resistant and durable. In order to maintain optimal seal quality, it is recommended that you periodically replace your cushion.

Compatibility and Sizing Data

This replacement cushion is available in a total of three sizes, small, medium and large. With this selection, patients can choose the most appropriate size for their individual face and therefore receive a more individualized experience. This cushion works specifically (and exclusively) with the WiZARD 210 CPAP Nasal Mask by APEX Medical.


  • Compatible with the WiZARD 210 CPAP Nasal Mask by APEX Medical
  • Available in three distinct sizes - small, medium and large
  • Requires regular replacement to maintain seal quality
  • Creates a secure and effective seal
  • Presses gently against face
  • Provides individualized fit
  • Prevents mask leaks
  • Silicone material


Eliminating Mask Leaks in CPAP Therapy




SKU: 1401
  ModelSM00001, SM00002, SM00003, SM00030
  HCPCS CodeA7032
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