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ResMed Mirage Swift CPAP Mask Pillow

ResMed Mirage Swift CPAP Mask Pillow

60520, 60521, 60522

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The Pillow Cushion for the Mirage Swift Nasal Pillow Mask by ResMed is a silicone-based replacement cushion which has air vents and provides a stable fit.

The Mirage Swift Nasal Pillow Replacement Cushion

Uniquely Designed Nasal Pillow Cushion

The Cushion for the Mirage Swift Nasal Pillow Mask System by ResMed is a uniquely designed replacement cushion which will help optimize your therapy experience. This replacement item consists of a nasal sleeve with a pair of attached nasal pillow cushions; it easily slides into position and will provide a secure seal and substantial comfort during your therapy session. Located on the sleeve are a series of air holes which disperse airflow away from the patient and the patient's bed partner; these holes also reduce noise levels and promote quiet therapy.

Compatibility and Sizing Information

This replacement pillow cushion is available in three distinct sizes - small, medium and large. Patients should note that this replacement pillow cushion will only work with the original Mirage Swift and Mirage Swift for Her Nasal Pillow Mask - it is not compatible with the Mirage Swift II, Swift FX or other masks by ResMed or different manufacturers. Conveniently, all three sizes work with a common mask frame, so patients will not have to acquire a new mask size if they decide to switch cushion sizes.


  • Compatible with the (original) Mirage Swift and Mirage Swift for Her Nasal Pillow Mask by ResMed
  • Should be replaced every 2-3 months for best results
  • All three sizes work with a common mask frame size
  • Does not include frame, elbow, tube or other parts
  • Available in three sizes - small, medium and large
  • Will not work with the Mirage Swift II Mask
  • Pillow cushion is composed of silicone
  • Features inbuilt air vents

Product Material List :

  • Pillow Sleeve: Silicone Elastomer

The Three Types of CPAP Masks




SKU: 843
  Model60520, 60521, 60522
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