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Nasal Pillows for Oral Mask

Nasal Pillows for Oral Mask

HYB521, HYB523, HYB525

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Nasal Pillows for Hybrid Nasal Oral Mask

Spare Nasal Pillows

The Nasal Pillows for the Hybrid Full Face Mask by DeVilbiss are top-of-the-line replacement pillow cushions which are highly flexible, easy to install and will facilitate stellar therapy and excellent results. These nasal pillows are composed of soft silicone material and will rest gently against your face without creating undesirable marks and blotches. This package includes 1 pair of nasal pillows (i.e. 2 separate cushions attached by a band); it does not include the mask frame, headgear, short tube or other parts or accessories.


In order to maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of these nasal pillows it is recommended that you clean them regularly. However, even with a fantastic cleaning regimen you will still need to replace these pillow cushions periodically; if you fail to replace your pillow cushions roughly every 2-3 months your seal will gradually begin to lose its effectiveness.

Compatibility and Sizing

These replacement nasal pillows are available in three distinct sizes - small, medium and large. This size selection enables patients to better customize their therapy and create a superior fit. Moreover, these nasal pillow cushions are designed to work with the Hybrid Full Face Mask by DeVilbiss and will not function properly with other masks by DeVilbiss or masks by different manufacturers.


  • Compatible with the Hybrid CPAP Full Face Mask by DeVilbiss
  • Should be replaced roughly every 2-3 months
  • Composed of high quality silicone material
  • Package includes 1 pair of nasal pillows
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Rests comfortably against the face
  • Excellent replacement item
  • Highly flexible

Product Material List :

  • Nasal Pillow: Silicone

Mask Types of Therapy


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