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ResMed Mirage Micro CPAP Mask Cushion

By ResMed  |  Item No.: 16388, 16389, 16390, 16391, 16392
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Cushion for the Mirage Micro

Dual Layered Cushion Design

The Cushion for the Mirage Micro CPAP Nasal Mask by ResMed features a dual layered configuration and is designed to simultaneously give patients a secure fit and generous amounts of comfort. The inner layer will gently conform to your particular facial features, and the outer layer is designed to create a secure and effective seal. Though it offers a secure and stable fit, this cushion will not create discomfort and is designed to avoid awkward pressure points along the nasal bridge.

Compatibility and Sizing Data

This replacement item is available in a total of five different sizes - small, medium, large, large wide and extra large - so patients can choose the size which best suits them and attain a greater level of personalization in their therapy. This cushion works with the Mirage Micro CPAP Nasal Mask by ResMed; it will not function with other masks by ResMed or different manufacturers.


  • Available in five different sizes - small, medium, large, large wide and extra large
  • Includes only cushion - does not come with frame, elbow, tube, swivel or other parts
  • Compatible with the Mirage Micro Nasal Mask by ResMed
  • Conforms easily to your facial structure
  • Reduces pressure along nasal bridge
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Dual layered design
  • Replacement item


The Three Types of Masks Used in Sleep Apnea Therapy




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