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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC405 CPAP Mask Foam & Silicone Seal Cushion

By Fisher & Paykel  |  Item No.: 900HC427, 900HC428
Price   $29.00

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Foam and Silicone Cushion for the FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask

Brief Survey

The Foam and Silicone Cushion for the FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel is a top quality replacement item which is made of durable material and provides patients with a stellar therapy experience. Lightweight and easy to fit, this replacement foam/silicone cushion combines both performance and comfort and makes a substantial contribution to your mask system.

Dual Layered Design

This cushion features a double layered design - the cushion has an inner foam layer which rests gently against the face, and then an outer silicone later which produces an effective and secure seal. The inner foam cushion conforms to the unique contours of your facial structure and generates a personalized and comfortable fit.

Sizing and Compatibility Data

This foam and silicone cushion replacement is available in two sizes, small and large, so patients can achieve greater customization and a better overall fit. This cushion replacement is compatible with the FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask as well as the Aclaim 2 Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel.


  • Dual layered - inner foam cushion and outer silicone seal
  • Compatible with the FlexiFit HC405 Nasal Mask by F&P
  • Available in two sizes - small and large
  • Works with the Aclaim 2 Nasal Mask
  • Provides customized fit
  • Made of foam/silicone
  • Easy to fit

Tips for Cleaning Your FlexiFit Nasal Mask

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