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Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal
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Fisher & Paykel Eson CPAP Mask Seal

By Fisher & Paykel  |  Item No.: 400HC126, 400HC128, 400HC127
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Eson Nasal Mask Cushion

Exceptional Replacement Cushion

The Cushion for the Eson Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel is a well-constructed replacement item which works with RollFit technology to provide a comfortable fit and quality results on a consistent basis. This replacement cushion is remarkably soft and lightweight and will rest gently against your face; with this cushion you can sleep soundly without worrying about developing unsightly blemishes or facial marks. Conveniently, this cushion comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to install and remove.

RollFit Technology

The Fisher & Paykel Eson nasal mask - and by extension nasal mask cushion - utilizes RollFit technology to ensure a stable fit and secure seal. The mask and cushion "roll" along the bridge of your nose as you move during therapy; this reduces pressure on your nasal bridge, prevents leaks and maximizes the quality of your seal. RollFit technology allows you to move about freely without compromising your therapy.

Compatibility and Sizing

This CPAP mask cushion replacement is compatible with the Eson Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel. It will not work with other masks by F&P or other manufacturers. This cushion is conveniently available in three sizes - small, medium and large. The small cushion can only be paired with a small sized headgear, while the medium and large cushions are interchangeable and will work with either medium or large sized headgear.


  • Small cushion works with small headgear, medium/large cushions are interchangeable
  • RollFit technology permits freedom of movement and protects seal
  • Adjusts automatically to accommodate patient movement
  • Eliminates leaks and promotes effective therapy
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Soft, lightweight and comfortable
  • Reduces pressure on nose bridge


Fitting and Adjusting Your Eson Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel




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