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APEX Medical Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask Cushion

By APEX Medical  |  Item No.: SM00017, SM00018, SM00019, SM00020
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Wizard 230 Replacement Nasal Pillows

Self-Adjusting Nasal Pillows

The Nasal Pillows for the Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask by APEX Medical are high quality replacement pillow cushions which are easy to attach and will facilitate the creation of a secure and effective seal. These nasal pillows are self-adjusting so patients will be able to achieve a desirable fit without significant hassle. The Wizard 230 nasal pillow cushions have a built-in groove which enables them to avoid contact with the tip of your nose and your upper lip. Patients should be sure to clean these pillow cushions on a regular basis; even with impeccable maintenance these pillows will need to be replaced at least once every 3 months.

Compatibility and Sizing

These replacement nasal pillows are available in a total of four different sizes - extra small, small, medium and large. This size selection will allow patients to find pillow cushions which suit their particular facial structure and shape. These nasal pillow cushions are compatible with the Mr. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask and the Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask by APEX Medical; they will not work with other masks by APEX or different manufacturers.


  • Compatible with the Mr. Wizard 230 and Ms. Wizard 230 masks by APEX Medical
  • Available in four distinct sizes - extra small, small, medium and large
  • Requires replacement roughly every 1-3 months
  • Cushion groove avoids nose tip and upper lip
  • Self-adjusting nasal pillows
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Provides excellent seal
  • Simple maintenance
  • Latex free

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