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Transcend CPAP Filter Frame

Transcend CPAP Filter Frame

Transcend CPAP Filter Frame

503070, 503071, 503072

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Replacement Filter Frame for Transcend Machines


The Filter Frame for Transcend Travel Machines by Somnetics is a top notch replacement part which is composed of durable plastic and will cover up your replaceable filter strip. Machines which use an air inlet filter, as opposed to a filter strip, do not require this type of frame as the inlet filter came permanently attached to the frame. This replacement frame is intuitive and straightforward - this frame snaps into place easily on the bottom of the machine and is released quickly with the push of a button. Patients will not need to replace this part unless it is damaged or broken.


Patients can choose between three different variations; each of these work with a separate Transcend machine model. The dark gray frame works with the Transcend Auto CPAP machine, the light gray frame works with the original Transcend CPAP machine and the medium gray frame is compatible with the Transcend EZEX machine.


  • Three variations for three different Transcend machines - Transcend CPAP, Transcend EZEX and the Transcend Auto
  • Works with machines which utilize replaceable filter strips
  • Fits onto the bottom of your machine
  • Releases with the push of a button
  • Composed of durable plastic
  • Easily snaps into place

All About the Transcend EZEX Machine by Somnetics


SKU: 1450

Frame model 503071 has Push-Button Release

Frame model 503009 has Latch Release

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