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IntelliPAP Bi-Level S with Humidifier

By DeVilbiss  |  Item No.: DV55D-HH, DV55D, DV55D-HH-HT, DV55D-HH-S

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IntelliPAP BiLevel S was discontinued. Customers will find DreamStation BiPAP Auto is a good replacement .

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Bi-Level S with Heated Humidifier

Top Notch BiLevel Machine

The IntelliPAP BiLevel S CPAP Machine with SmartCode by DeVilbiss is a high performance device designed to suit the needs of patients who require higher pressures for their therapy. The IntelliPAP BiLevel S comes with a host of impressive features which should dramatically improve the quality of your experience: this machine includes Flow Rounding technology, SmartCode data management, automatic on/off functionality and other great features too.

Flow-Rounding Technology

Intellipap DeVilbiss utilizes Flow-Rounding Technology to smooth the exhalation and inhalation resistance on an individual breath basis, in order to maximize sleep apnea therapy effectiveness. This technology creates a more natural and comfortable waveform with independent IPAP and EPAP transitions. The IntelliPAP Bilevel CPAP gives you 5 different settings so you and your healthcare provider can customize and personalize your sleep apnea therapy to suit your needs.

Soft Start

Soft-Start is an advanced Ramp feature that aims to improve your acclimation of your prescribed pressure. The DeVilbiss accomplishes this by slowly increasing to the prescribed pressure over a period of 10 seconds, dramatically improving the comfort of your sleep therapy.

Smart Code

Smart Code is a simple but effective way to analyze your sleep performance without downloading or buying additional software. This device records the results of your sleep therapy starting from your very first sleep apnea therapy session, and displays your encrypted results on the LCD screen. The IntelliPAP confirms compliance utilizing an Adherence Score, which doctors can use to determine whether you are within compliance with BiLevel LCD. DeVilbiss has designed Smart Code to report Adherence on the best consecutive 30 days of usage.

Optional Battery Backup

The DeVilbiss S features a backup battery option by providing a separate connection between AC and DC power. The AC power cord is included and can be plugged in to an AC power source, and the optional DC cord can simultaneously be linked to the device and plugged into a DC power source. From here the device is able to automatically switch power sources should one fail, without interrupting your sleep therapy. However the heated humidifier does not work with a DC power source.

Heated Humidifier

IntelliPAP offers an integrated heated humidifier designed to reduce the irritation of the throat and nasal passages, which can occur with traditional CPAP therapy. The humidifier provides moisture to significantly reduce irritation while increasing therapy comfort for the night. The DeVilbiss humidifier reservoir is simple to remove and replace and includes overflow protection. You can rest easy knowing your device is built to last.

Additional Perks

The device includes a few other useful perks as well such as an easily readable LCD screen, automatic on/off functionality, SmartLink software compatibility, wide pressure range and other benefits as well.

DeVilbiss intelliPAP Bi-Level Features

  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Pressure Ramp
  • Flow-Rounding Technology
  • Adjustable Apnea/Hypopnea Detection
  • Soft Start
  • SmartCode Compliance Tracking
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Battery Backup Option
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Backlit LCD

Understanding your IntelliPAP from Devilbiss

RX Required.

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