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CPAP / CPAP Machines / Auto CPAP / Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP - Somnetics

Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP - Somnetics

Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP - SomneticsTranscend 3 Auto miniCPAP - SomneticsTranscend 3 Auto miniCPAP - SomneticsTranscend 3 Auto miniCPAP - Somnetics
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Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP - Somnetics


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Portable Auto CPAP Machine Revamped.

Built to Travel
The Transcend Auto 3 is an experience you don't want to miss out on. Experience sleep apnea relief on the go with the newly revamped Transcend Auto 3 Portable CPAP machine. Weighing less than 1.1 pounds(494 grams), this makes the device distinctly travel-friendly. Though small in size, it still packs a powerful punch resulting in therapy similar to what you use at home just in a portable stature. All of this is possible through Somnetics continued commitment into maintaining the lightweight build you have come to know and love. With new features and a new brand of aesthetics available, you as the user will have the most enjoyable experience yet. 

Revamped Design.
The Transcend 3 comes together in a design that was built from bottom-up. Still maintaining the originality of it's predecessors, Somnetics gave way to a more modern aesthetic design with a touch of ruggedness to along with any bumps you may encounter on the road. Giving the device a flat silicone base provides for more stability on the move as well as the active swivel nozzle for a better sleep experience. Take it outdoors, go to the 5 star hotels and you will quickly see how your sleep therapy doesn't skip a beat. 
Key Features 

  • EZEX pressure relief during exhalation to replicate normal breathing pattern
  • Auto adjusts pressure levels breath-by-breath
  • Small size for maximum portability
  • Weighs roughly 1 pound
  • Collects therapy data through easy-to-use PC software (Windows 7 & 10 only)
  • Ramp feature to gently increase pressure levels over time
  • Automatic altitude adjustment for varying altitudes
  • Includes universal battery outlets for international travel
  • FAA Approved for use on flight
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Quiet - 30 DBA level 


Operational Mode: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Range of Pressure: 4-20cm H2O
Ramp Yes, 0 - 45 minutes plus 25% time variance
Ramp Beginning Pressure: 4 to programmed pressure
CPAP w/ Humidifier Measurement: 7.4" Long, 3.7" wide, 3.7" High
CPAP Total Weight: 1.09 pounds (494 g)
Filter Type: Cleanable Filter
Screen Type: None-LED Lights
Data Storage: Yes, machine memory.
Data Access: User access through software
Exhale Pressure Relief: Yes, EZEX - 0-3 levels (0=off, 1=1cm H2O of relief, 2=2cm H2O of relief, 3=3cm H2O of relief)
Automatic Adjustment: Altitude Yes, 0-8 Thousand Feet (8,000ft)
Power Auto Adjusting Voltage from 100-240V between 50-60Hz
Rechargeable Battery Options: Yes, Transcend P4 or P8 Battery 
Warranty Period: 3 years
AC Adapter: Included 19VDC, 2.6 Amp
HCPCS Reimbursement Code(s) E0601

Default Settings

  • Auto Mode: On
  • Pressure range: 4 – 20 cm H2O
  • EZEX: Off
  • Ramp: Off


  HCPCS CodeE0601, A7037
  Operating ModesCPAP, APAP
  Pressure Range4 to 20 cm H2O
  Dimensions7.4 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches
  Weight1.09 lbs
  Noise Level30 dBA
  Warranty3 years
  AC Power100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Transcend 3 Auto miniCPAP 
  • 6ft Tubing 
  • Multi-plug universal Power Supply - 3 plug adapters
  • USB Cable
  • Travel Bag with compartments
  • Quick Guide
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Q: How many hours of battery use?
Airline approved?
Type hose does it use?
Can I switch my resmed hose and nose peace to it? (Asked on 07/19/2021)
Here is the link for the hose and yes you can use your nose piece on it

Hours of battery use with the P4: Approx. 7 - 9 hours @ 14 cmH2O
Hours of battery use with the P8: Approx. 14-16 hours @ 14 cmH2O

Airline approved: Yes it is FDA approved
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