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Respironics System One REMStar Auto Machine w/ Bluetooth
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Respironics System One REMStar Auto Machine w/ Bluetooth

By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: DS560S, DS560BT
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System One REMstar Auto CPAP Machine

Effective and Reliable APAP Machine

With its C-Flex comfort technology, Resistance Control, advanced data management system and other perks, the System One REMstar Auto CPAP Machine by Philips Respironics is geared toward creating positive outcomes for sleep apnea patients. The REMstar Auto CPAP (or APAP) machine is compact, travel friendly and very easy to operate. With this device you'll be able to achieve optimal results without incurring discomfort or headache.

C-Flex Comfort Technology

C-Flex technology increases patient comfort by providing consistent pressure relief throughout therapy. The main function is to reduce pressure upon exhalation; you'll be able to choose between 3 different settings to customize the type of relief you want. C-Flex will also make automatic pressure adjustments based on your particular breathing habits to ensure the best possible experience.

Resistance Control

Resistance Control accounts for variation between masks so you can choose whichever mask best suits you particular needs. Resistance Control will measure the resistance generated by your mask and then make automatic pressure adjustments so that your performance isn't negatively impacted.

Data Storage

Staying on top of the progress and status of your therapy is vital for ensuring the best long-term results. The REMstar APAP 560 helps in this regard with its advanced data storage and management capabilities. The device itself will store some of your therapy data - 7 and 30 day averages - and the included SD card can store up to 365 days of information.

Additional Benefits

Those who travel often will benefit from the automatic altitude adjustment function which will compensate for altitude changes (up to 8000 feet). Traveling will be easy as the 560 weighs only 1.36 kg so you'll be able to carry it ease. The REMstar APAP 560 also possesses a multilingual LCD display screen for easy viewing.


  • Compact and light in weight (weighs 1.36 kg)
  • SD card - stores up to 365 days of data
  • Advanced event detection capability
  • Multilingual LCD display screen
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Resistance Control technology
  • C-Flex relief technology

RX Required.

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