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Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
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Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
By Fisher & Paykel  |  Item No.: ICONAAN, ICONAAN-HT
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ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Top Notch Auto CPAP Machine

Advanced in its design and elegant in its construction, the ICON+ Auto CPAP (or APAP) Machine with Heated Humidifier by Fisher & Paykel is a fantastic sleep apnea device which has the potential to set a standard in therapy. This ICON+ auto CPAP machine with humidifier is loaded with excellent performance features and includes numerous advanced functions. With the ICON+ you're certain to receive exceptional therapy on a regular basis.

Automatic Pressure Adjustment

The ICON+ Auto CPAP machine with humidifier allows for highly customized therapy with its automatic pressure adjustment system. The ICON+ is designed to adjust pressure settings automatically according to your unique breathing pattern during sleep. The ICON+ will monitor your apneas and then increase pressure when you experience an event; the end result is a much higher level of therapy.

ThermoSmart Technology

Patients benefit tremendously from heated humidifiers as they prevent nasal congestion, dryness and throat soreness by moistening and humidifying air during therapy. The heated humidifier for the ICON+ is equipped with special ThermoSmart technology which takes humidification to another level: ThermoSmart functionality allows your humidifier to maintain custom humidification levels regardless of fluctuations or issues with the ambient temperature. This ensures that condensation is minimized and guarantees a higher quality experience.

SensAwake Functionality

The Fisher and Paykel ICON CPAP further provides a more patient-centric therapy experience with SensAwake technology. SensAwake is programmed to drop pressure every time you wake up during sleep; this ensures that no complications or irritations will ensue. SensAwake will also reduce pressure whenever it detects irregular breathing patterns.

InfoSmart System

To better maximize results, it is important that patients stay up-to-date with their therapy information. The ICON+ Auto CPAP makes this easier for patients with InfoSmart technology. Patients can record up to a year's worth of compliance data and 30 days' worth of AHI pressure and leaking data with the USB SmartStick. With this data management system you'll be able to store and share your data more easily and improve your overall experience.

Fisher and Paykel ICON Auto Features

  • Water chamber cleanable by machine or hand
  • Inbuilt alarm clock and mp3 player
  • SensAwake Breathing Algorithm
  • InfoSmart compliance software
  • Compact & travel friendly
  • Comes with plastic tubing
  • ThermoSmart technology
  • Auto Adjusting Algorithm
  • Leak compensation

Fisher and Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine


This model is also available as a manual CPAP machine, check out this quality Icon CPAP machine, here.

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