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HDM Z1/Z2 Plastic Filter Cover/End Cap
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HDM Z1/Z2 Plastic Filter Cover/End Cap

By Human Design Medical  |  Item No.: HD60-5011
Price   $19.95

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Plastic Filter End Cap for the Z1/Z2 CPAP Machine

Effective Filter End Cap

Before attempting to operate your special lightweight Z1/Z2 CPAP machine, it's imperative that you be certain you have all of the requisite parts and pieces. This plastic filter end cap by Human Design Medical (HDM) is undoubtedly an essential part: you must have a plastic filter end cap correctly fitted on the end of your Z1/Z2 CPAP device, otherwise your device will not function properly.

Z1/Z2 Plastic Filter Cover and End Cap Features

  • Fits on the end of the lightweight Z1/Z2 CPAP machine
  • Must be properly installed in order for the Z1/Z2 CPAP device to function correctly

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