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Water Chamber Tub for XT Series Machines

Water Chamber Tub for XT Series Machines


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The Water Chamber Tub for the XT Series by APEX Medical is a high quality replacement water tub which will assist in creating optimal humidification and therapy

Water Chamber Tub for the XT Series


The Water Chamber Tub for the XT Series manufactured by APEX Medical is an excellently crafted piece of equipment which is lightweight and easy to install. This water tub is designed to optimize your humidification and promote superior therapy results. This tub weighs just .5 pounds, and with a water storage capacity of 450 milliliters patients will be able to receive humidification throughout your entire therapy session without issue. As a general rule, this tub should be replaced roughly every 3-6 months; patients should clean their water tub regularly as this will maximize the lifespan of your device.


The replacement water tub is a versatile device and will work with several different machines from the XT series. Specifically, this water tub is compatible with the XT Auto, XT Sense, XT Prime and XT Fit by APEX Medical.


  • Works with the XT Series Heated Humidifier by APEX Medical - Specifically, the XT Auto, XT Prime, XT Sense and XT Fit
  • Promotes optimum humidification and maximum comfort
  • Should be replaced roughly every 3-6 months
  • Lightweight - weighs approximately 1 pound
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Capacity - 450 milliliters
  • Easy to install

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