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Water Chamber For iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine


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Replacement water chamber for the iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine from APEX Medical. 8 hours of humidification during CPAP therapy with iCH Auto CPAP Machine.

Replacement Water Chamber iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine

High Quality Standalone Chamber

The Replacement Water Chamber for the iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine by APEX Medical is a well constructed, smartly designed piece of equipment which will come in handy whenever you need a new chamber for your machine. This water chamber is remarkably easy to install, and with proper care and maintenance can last up to six months! Properly used, the water chamber will work in tandem with the humidifier to provide effective and more comfortable therapy.

Superior Humidification

The water chamber supplements the heated humidifier for the iCH Auto Travel CPAP machine. The humidifier has been rigorously tested and can provide up to eight hours of continuous humidication even in extremely harsh conditions! The humidifier offers a total of six modes which patients can adjust depending on their environmental circumstances. The water chamber and humidifier will help protect against the negative side effects of therapy, such as nasal irritation, congestion and sore throat.

Straightforward Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your water chamber regularly will enhance performance and prolong your chamber's lifespan. When cleaning your water chamber by hand, it is recommended that you use warm water and a light detergent such as baby shampoo. With proper maintenance the water chamber can last up to about six months.


  • Humidifier maintains consistent humidity levels throughout therapy
  • Provides 8 hours of humidification even in extreme conditions
  • Heated humidifier has six levels of humidification
  • Humidification increases comfort during therapy
  • Needs replacement roughly every 3-6 months
  • Capacity - holds up to 300 milliliters of water
  • Easy to maintain


Overview of the iCH Auto Travel CPAP Machine from APEX Medical




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