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Transcend 365 Water Chamber

Transcend 365 Water Chamber


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Transcend 365 Water Chamber

Quality Chamber

The Water Chamber for the Transcend 365 is a necessary component when looking to operate humidification during the usage of the Transcend 365. Designed by Somnetics, you're guaranteed to get a top quality replacement item not only impressive in design but uses roughly less than half the amount of water a traditional humidifier would use. Although it is not necessarily required for use, it is relaxing to know that it is available at a moments notice. For a further enhanced therapy, generally it is strongly recommended that patients load waterchamber with distilled water only. The use of distilled will not only maximizes hygiene but will improve therapy results as well as increase longetivity of the chamber itself.. With proper maintenance protocol, patients can expect this chamber to last up to 6 months or more - this is substantially longer than the typical water chamber on the market.


This replacement water chamber is designed to work the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP machine. Patients using any of the previous Transcend model including the Transcend 3 will unfortunately not be able to use this particular water chamber. .


  • Compatible with Transcend 365
  • Water storage capacity (max line) -  milliliters
  • Distilled water recommended (but not required if you have the Transcend 365 Water Filter Kit)
  • Approximate lifespan -up to 6 months
  • Requires fresh distilled water daily



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