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H4i Heated Humidifier Water Chamber

H4i Heated Humidifier Water Chamber


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To boost the effectiveness of the H4i heated humidifier – which enhances your overall therapy experience – it is vital to procure a high quality water chamber.

H4i Heated Humidifier Water Chamber

Quality Chamber

The Water Chamber for the H4i HumidAire Heated Humidifier by ResMed is a top quality replacement item which has an impressive design and a large storage capacity. The Resmed H4i water chamber can store up to 390 milliliters (at the maximum line) which is sufficient for a full session of therapy. Although not required for use, it is strongly recommended that patients load their chamber with distilled water; using distilled will maximize hygiene and improve therapy results. With proper maintenance, patients can expect this chamber to last up to 6 months - this is substantially longer than the typical water chamber!


This replacement water chamber is designed to work with the Resmed H4i Heated Humidifier and H3i HumidAire Humidifiers equipped with an H4i upgrade kit. Patients with H3i humidifiers which are not equipped with an upgrade kit will need to obtain an H4i flip-top lid in order to utilize this water chamber.


  • Compatible with H4i HumidAire and H3i HumidAire Heated Humidifier with H4i upgrade kit
  • Water storage capacity (max line) - 390 milliliters
  • Distilled water recommended (but not required)
  • Metal heating plate should not be removed
  • Approximate lifespan - 3-6 months
  • Requires fresh water daily






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