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Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit

Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter KitTranscend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit

Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit


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Transcend 365 Water Filter Kit 

No distilled water on hand? Not a problem at all with this water filter kit for the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP by Somnetics. Designed with ZeroWater, this filter essentially filters through tap water by removing all the impurities that may be floating around that the naked eye cannot see. Now you will be able to use other forms of water just in case access to distilled water is hard to come by.  The water filter works by the magnets connecting to the Transcend 365 reservoir and filtering through as you fill the tank with water. While the water flows through, the harmful particles get blocked meaning the user won't be experiencing any of it. Once there is enough in the reservoir, just stow away the filter kit for another day. 

The compatability for Water Filter Kit is limited to only the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP machine and will not work with any other device. By blocking any and all the impurities from normal water sources, this along with continued upkeep of the humidifier will prolong it's longetivity. Due to the nature of what may be in the water, this filter is highly recommend for patients to have on hand in case distilled water is not available making it a great alternative to have. 

How to Clean the Transcend 365 Water Filter

The cleaning process is simple as there is no washing needed/.

How Long does It Last

 It is designed to last up to 6 gallons making it a worthy investment.

Appropriate Usage

This water filter is great as it is reusable until the 6 gallons have been reached. 

SKU: 1803
  HCPCS CodeE1399
  • Filter Sleeve
  • 5-Stage Portable Filtration
  • Intruction Booklet in different languages

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