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AirSpiral Tube and Chamber Kit For myAirvo 2 - Fisher & Paykel

AirSpiral Tube and Chamber Kit For myAirvo 2 - Fisher & Paykel


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F&P AirSpiral Tube and Chamber Kit

This is a replacement tube and chamber kit for myAirvo2 Humidified High Flow System. Please use distilled water for the water chamber.

The heating spiral contains a heater wire to warm the breathing gas inside the tube. The insulating spiral uses a bubble of warmed air around the breathing gas to shield it from the outside environment. Like a double-paned window, the inside and outside surfaces of the tube are physically separated, to reduce cooling and help maximize the level of humidity remaining in the gas all the way to the patient.

Chamber Features

  • Dual-float mechanism for added safety to prevent the chamber from overfilling
  • Automatically refills
  • Consistent compressible volume allows for consistent delivery of the prescribed waveform

AirSpiral Heated Tube Features

  • Connects with both Optiflow™ & Optiflow™ Junior interfaces
  • No external probes, cables, or adapters required
  • Comes with molded clips to attach tubing to clothes or bedding to assist with tube placement
  • 6 feet long
  • Integrated temperature sensor

Note: AirSpiral Tubing should be cleaned regularly following the cleaning and maintenance instructions in your myAIRVO 2 User Manual. IT SHOULD NOT BE SOAKED, WASHED, OR STERILIZED. For complete instructions review the documentation that came with your equipment.


1 x Humidify Chamber
1 x AirSpiral Heated Tube

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