Heated CPAP Humidifiers

Heated Humidifiers
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Humidification is key for most people using a CPAP machine. Get a better nights sleep with a heated humidifier for your CPAP/APAP/BiPAP/VPAP device. A CPAP heated humidifier will help produce moisture in the air you breathe to avoid unwanted after-effects such nasal congestion, cotton-mouth, dry throat or perhaps a bloody nose generally associated with CPAP therapy. The CPAP machine humidifier is designed to keep your air warm and moist and should alleviate or eliminate those prior mentioned effects. Best of all, you get to pre-determine the best setting for yourself and your therapy leading you to have a better experience sleeping and have the energy to show for it.

We have a large selection of to choose from so ask our counselors for help if you are unsure of which system is best for you to go with your corresponding device you currently own

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