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LiquiCell Nasal Cushion 15 Pack

LiquiCell Nasal Cushion 15 Pack
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LiquiCell Nasal Cushion 15 Pack
By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: 1103516

Replacement LiquiCell Cushions - 15 Per Pack

High Quality Cushion Pads

The LiquiCell Nasal CPAP Cushions by Philips Respironics are top quality accessories which are designed to prevent skin irritation and alleviate pressure caused by your mask frame. These cushions are placed along your nasal bridge and are intended to provide extra padding in between your bare skin and the mask frame. These cushions contour naturally to fit your particular face and provide considerable comfort throughout your therapy session.


These replacement cushions are compatible with nasal and full face masks. This package contains 15 cushion pads; these cushion pads are meant to be discarded after one night of use and should not be used multiple times.


  • Functions as extra padding between mask cushion and bare skin
  • Cushions should be discarded after one night of use
  • Prevents skin irritation and alleviates pressure
  • LiquiCell gel is made of odorless silicone fluid
  • Works with nasal and full face masks
  • Adds comfort to your experience
  • Package contains 15 cushions
  • Contours to your face

Dealing with Full Face Mask Discomfort

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