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CPAP VaPorClear Sinus Blaster Diffusion Pad

CPAP VaPorClear Sinus Blaster Diffusion Pad
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CPAP VaPorClear Sinus Blaster Diffusion Pad
By Pur-Sleep  |  Item No.: DP10R
No Prescription Required
Price   $9.99

CPAP VaporClear Sinus Blaster Replacement Diffusion Pad

Handy Diffusion Pads

The CPAP Replacement Diffusion Pad by Pur-Sleep is compatible with the VaporClear Sinus Blaster and is designed to supplement your therapy and produce a more comfortable experience. The diffusion pad assists the VaporClear Sinus Blaster to deliver scented oils through your machine and then up into your mask; this helps to clear your sinuses and creates a more effective, higher quality therapy experience. The diffusion pad is designed to uniformly disperse the oils so that your nasal passages can be cleared more effectively. This replacement diffusion pad will work with all Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy Kits.


Using the replacement diffusion pad is remarkably easy: simply put a few drops of oil on the pad and then place the pad directly behind your CPAP machine's filter. Once it's installed, the air will naturally collect the fragrance and oils through the machine and into your mask; you'll then be able to enjoy clearer nasal passages and better overall therapy.


This diffusion pad by Pur-Sleep is reusable if properly stored and cared for - when you're finished with your therapy session, be sure to store your pad in one of the zippered bags provided. Placing your pad in the zippered bag will preserve the fragrance and maintain viability.


  • Comes with 10 diffusion pads for the VaporClear Sinus Blaster
  • Works with all Pur-Sleep CPAP Aromatherapy Kits
  • Designed to uniformly diffuse aromatics and oils
  • Keep away from wood or finished surfaces
  • Viable alternative to fabric diffusion pads
  • Includes 5 zippered bags for storage
  • Helps clear your nasal passages
  • Reusable if stored properly
  • Includes 1 diffusion tray

Overview of CPAP VaporClear by Pur-Sleep

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