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PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap

PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap
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PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap
By Tiara  |  Item No.: TMS-09ADJ, TMS-09-ADJXL, TMS-09S, TMS-09M, TMS-09L
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PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap - Adjustable and Standard

Superbly Designed Chin Strap

The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap by Tiara Medical Systems is an exceptionally well-crafted, expertly engineered piece of equipment which will help stabilize your mask and add comfort to your entire therapy experience. The PURESOM adjustable chin strap can be adjusted from two angles - on top and the base of the neck. The PURESOM chin strap is very easy to apply and is perfect for patients concerned about mouth breathing during sleep - this adjustable chin strap will make certain that your mouth stays closed throughout your therapy session.

Comfortable and Easy Fitting

The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap comes with soft, Breathe-O-Prene material which will rest gently and comfortably against your head. What's more, this chin strap boasts a unique three point design which will further increase comfort and minimize pressure. Fitting the PURESOM chin strap is remarkably straightforward - simply adjust the Velcro straps to suit your head and then enjoy your customized fit.

  • Small = 23" - 25"
  • Medium = 25" to 27"
  • Large = 27" to 29"


  • Adjustable at both the top of the head and base of the neck
  • Three point design promotes comfort and reduces pressure
  • Composed of soft and comfortable neoprene material
  • Perfect for users who wish to avoid mouth breathing
  • Available in standard and extra large
  • Velcro straps enable easy fitting
  • Minimizes mouth leaks


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