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System One 60 Series Auto SV BiPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

System One 60 Series Auto SV BiPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
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System One 60 Series Auto SV BiPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier
By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: DS960HS, DS960TS
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System One 60 Series DS960 Auto SV BiPAP Machine with Humidifier

Top Notch BiPAP Machine with Humidifier

The System One DS960 Auto SV BiPAP Machine with Humidifier by Philips Respironics is a exceptional CPAP therapy device stocked with advanced pressure relief technologies as well as other impressive functions and features. With its Bi-Flex, EPAP and Servo Ventilation functionalities, the System One DS960 has the potential to create a new standard of excellence in the area of CPAP therapy.

Bi-Flex Technology

The System One DS960 BiPAP machine utilizes special Bi-Flex technology for pressure relief purposes. This function provides pressure relief on a consistent basis by reducing pressure during exhalation to inhalation and vice versa; this helps to imitate a more natural feel during operation.

EPAP Technology

In addition to Bi-Flex, the DS960 also uses EPAP technology to better customize your therapy experience. This technology detects trends and peculiarities in your breathing cycles and distinguishes between obstructed and unobstructed apneas. It is also equipped with an auto titrating algorithm which enables the machine to operate like a standard Auto CPAP or Auto BiPAP depending on your breathing needs.

SV Algorithm

The Respironics Auto BiPAP System One DS960 is equipped with "Servo Ventilation" (the SV Algorithm) capability which also provides pressure relief as well as generating a smoother breathing pattern. With the monitoring of the users peak flow it will allow a smoother effect by altering pressure according to your specific breathing pattern on a breath by breath basis.

System One 60 Series Heated Humidifer (optional heated tubing)

With the System One BiPAP 60 Series Heated Humidifier, Philips Respironics has created a new standard for patient satisfaction and therapy results. The humidifier is designed to measure and adapt to humidity levels in order to provide a more comfortable and effective experience. The humidifier can be aided by heated tubing (which is optional) helping to prevent rainout and water damage by removing harmful condensation.

Back-Up Rate

The Back-Up Rate on the AutoSV prevents Complex/Central Sleep Apnea by helping the user spontaneously breathe at a natural rate comfortable to them. This unique feature is accomplished by the system calculating the back-up rate automatically matching your actual breathing rate and then delivering it naturally.

Respironics DS960 Auto SV BiPAP Features

  • EPAP technology - identifies obstructed apneas apart from clear airway apneas
  • Available with standard and heated tubing
  • Resistance Control technology
  • Servo Ventilation Algorithm
  • Bi-Flex technology
  • Carrying case

RX Required.

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