Quattro™ FX for Her Full Face Mask System with Headgear from ResMed

Quattro™ FX for Her Full Face Mask System with Headgear from ResMed
Quattro™ FX for Her Full Face Mask System with Headgear from ResMed
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Size: Small - 62501 - $185.00
Medium - 62502 - $185.00
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Product #62501, 62502

Less mask. More you.

See what you’ve been missing! Full face masks don’t have to block your view. Featuring a lightweight frame and clear field of vision in a stylish pink headgear for women, the Quattro™ FX for Her lets your female patients focus on what matters a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • A positive patient experience for time and cost savings
  • Stylish pink headgear promotes emotional acceptance
  • Unobtrusive, lightweight design reduces patient anxiety for better long-term compliance
  • Soft, stable cushion and quiet performance enhance comfort
  • Compact size has fewer parts for greater simplicity
  • Fewer fitting steps saves you training time
  • ResMed quality and performance mean less refitting and swapouts
  • Minimal inventory with just two sizes

Professional Benefits:

Size. Swing. Seal: Custom-made sizing tool and Swing Seal technique simplify the fitting process, saving you time, money and additional patient visits. Two sizes fit nearly all female patients

Time and cost savings: Spring Air™ cushion and spring frame eliminate need for forehead support. Fewer points of adjustment make fitting fast and straightforward.

Therapy acceptance: Feminine pink and gray headgear helps increase emotional acceptance. Open field of vision and lightweight frame reduce patient anxiety and drive long-term compliance

Patient Benefits:

Personalized for her: Pink headgear personalizes therapy and lets her feel more like herself

Full face quality and performance: New contoured headgear combined with the spring frame provide stability, durability and coverage. Combines quality platform of original Mirage Quattro™ and new unobtrusive design

A good night’s sleep: Soft Spring Air cushion distributes pressure evenly and maintains seal as patients move during sleep. Patients can enjoy a comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Women and Sleep Apnea Facts:

Almost 40% of newly diagnosed sleep apnea patients are women. The risk of sleep apnea in women after menopause is equal to that of men. Snoring during pregnancy may be an indication of developing sleep apnea. Insomnia and morning headaches are often the main indicators of sleep apnea in women. Women who snore are about twice as likely to have high blood pressure. Sleep apnea is related to a higher risk of depression and cognitive impairment or dementia in women.

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